Holes in the Wall

At the moment, there’s a lot of huffing and puffing surrounding the East Side Gallery. The 1.3 km stretch of Berlin Wall at the Spree river in 1990 was decorated by artists in a colorful street art-y way becoming an instant tourist attraction. Now parts are being moved to make way for a foot/bike traffic bridge and some luxury condos. It’s a real scandal for some (6000 people showed up sunday protesting) and just the reality of Berlin being an ever-changing metropolis for others. Either way – as you can see in the clip below it has long ago, after numerous restorations acquired a weird, Disneyland-type vibe: It’s a memorial less to a divided city and more to the early post-Cold War years where anyone could do anything in Berlin. (Souchak)
Foto: Thierry Noir’s East Side Gallery piece.