Warheads & Boys Toys

This one is not about those useless wooden toys we often deal with, but rather about weapons of choice... in the realm of the arts: Opening tonight at Berlin's Kunstraum Bethanien, the show "Boys and their Toys" focuses on war references and the use of weapons in art. Features works by Benjamin Althammer, Graw Böckler, Musquiqui Chihying, Heinrich Dubel, Claudius Hausl, Sven Kalden, Martin Kaltwasser, Nik Nowak, Zazzaro Otto, Julian Röder, Henrik Schrat, Yuval Shaul, Philip Topolovac, Oliver van den Berg, and Sahar Zukerman. I especially love that bike called "Krieg in Prenzlauer Berg" by Z. Otto (shown above/below). (rnk)