It seems like a bit of a stretch at first, but given the incredible (emotional depth &) quality of the music, it does make sense: This saturday, the Time For Playtime folks are going to play the upcoming s/t Dirty Projectors album at Berlin's Babylon movie theater. People will sit down and listen to the album on the day after its release - on vinyl and in full. And that's it. And it wouldn't be much, if the music wasn't so much... here's more info, and please find some videos that already showcase what's going to be the album of the year... 

PLAYTIME x Babylon N°9

»Album Release Celebration«

+ Special Feature: MUSIC VIDEO TRILOGY Screening

Sat, Feb. 25. 10.15 pm
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

Playtime. One Album. One Evening.

When was the last time we listened to music with full attention? Without any distraction or disruption. No song skipping and no shuffle mode. A whole album from beginning to end. Like in old times, when that was the only possible way due to technical limitations.

Times are changing but we still love music for the exact same reason: We are totally captivated once we push the PLAY button.

Leave your sight to your ears for a PLAYTIME and experience the cinema BABYLON as a listening room for music —together with like-minded friends. A whole album presented from a vinyl record and in the unique sound of the big movie theatre.