Rise with the bubbles : Stingwatergroes

My Insta feed has been fairly lame recently - except for this one exception: Stingwater Groes. There's something about that crew that makes we want to dip my head into that stinging wetness (much like Lilnicegirl does here), or to find out more about what that even is "stingwater"... because it's certainly more than just "very speshal water"...

Here's their mission statement (and here's the best website):
Empty your mind. Recreate your self, your vision, your world.”

The United Planet of Stingland for Real Human Beings is a destination for ALL human beings, regardless of creed, color, age, or sex. Our mission is to build and maintain free groe centers to provide a fostering environment to connect with your self, your community, and the natural world.

Stingwater pledges to support its groers and use profits toward the UPOS mission.