PAM (Perks and Mini) x Carhartt WIP Radio Club - Launch

A lil something coming up later this month, as P.A.M. (PERKS AND MINI) and Carhartt WIP will release their “Radio Club” Collection with a launch event in Berlin:

Pre Internet, pre-Instagram, humans also communicated publicly with private names.
For instance, the legacy of the name of a DJ, the nom-de-plume, the google username, and even the graffiti ’tag name' stems from one of the first forms of public communication over the airwaves: the CB or shortwave radio.

Before pirate radio and chat-rooms, anonymous humans communicated with each other all over the globe via CB radio network, emerging in the 1920’s.
Users such as "Cup Cake", or "Old Milk Can”, would talk with “the Hairy Grape” or “Pork Chop” and “lady T-Bone”.
Cards confirming radio contact were shared amongst the community, sent to and from radio users and stations, in the beginning just featuring users names (EG: “Cuddle Bug” or Little Snake”) and, as the fad grew, featuring caricatures, cartoons, slogans and jokes. The ‘amateur’ graphics, often made by individuals, and their choice of names today represent an important form of folk art.

Following the legacy of this human communication, P.A.M. and Carhartt WIP have began their own “Radio Club” graphics and cards inspired by this movement, and a joining together of DJ’s to share music over the airwaves.
The Perks And Mini / P.A.M. x Carhartt WIP “Radio Club” capsule collection will be released on March 31st and it will be available at selected Carhartt WIP Stores, on and selected retailers worldwide.

To celebrate the launch of this project, on March 30th the Carhartt WIP Store Berlin Mitte will host an exclusive, original live instalment with Dj Perks and Douglas Lee communicating obscurities that don’t often get transmitted over the airwaves.

The Dj sets will be live broadcasted via

Join the community if in town!
Free entry, free drinks provided by Bierfabrik and Fentimans Deutschland.