Rosa Parks in Wedding

If you haven't read Paul Beatty's "The Sellout," you've missed out on one of the wildest, sharpest, stingiest, darkest, ranty-est, and most hilarious books since "Catch-22," -- and for those who actually have, there's some good and fitting news: Rosa Park's house has now been rebuilt in Berlin-Wedding. You know what to listen to while crusing on the bus to Wedding, right?

Writes the author of Hominy's slave owner's tale...:
“The bus here because they lost Rosa Parks's bus."
"Who lost Rosa Parks's bus?"
"White people. Who the fuck else? Supposedly, every February when schoolkids visit the Rosa Parks Museum, or wherever the fuck the bus is at, the bus they tell the kids is the birthplace of the civil rights movement is a phony. Just some old Birmingham city bus they found in some junkyard. That's what my sister says, anyway."
"I don't know."
Cuz took two deep swallows of gin. "What you mean, 'You don't know'? You think that after Rosa Parks bitch-slapped white America, some white rednecks going to go out of their way to save the original bus? That'd be like the Celtics hanging Magic Johnson's jersey in the rafters of the Boston Garden. No fucking way.”

Rosa Parks‘ House, Wriezener Straße 19, 13359 Berlin