Jokes On Paintings

Okay, just two for starters:
Q: Why did Van Gogh become a painter? A: Because he didn't have an ear for music.

Q: Did you hear about the artist who died? A: Too many strokes.

okay, and one more:

Q: Did you hear about the artist who paints in jail? A: He had a brush with the law.

Featuring Stefan Marx's, Martin Skauen's, and curator Mr. Haslauer's work, Jokes on Paintings is a new group show at Berlin's Schau Fenster that flips painters jokes into canvas-bound jesting... and we like the idea.

Thomas Baldischwyler
Cornelia Baltes
Fritz Bornstück
Fabian Fobbe
Sebastian Haslauer
Bert Huyghe
Stefan Marx
Lisa Mühleisen
Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
Lawrence Power
Mathieu Ronsse
Martin Skauen
Anne Vagt
Georg Weissbach

Opening night: 13 April, 7pm.
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Lobeckstr. 30-35, Berlin-Kreuzberg (rnk)