I Predict A Riot!

You've probably heard the good news by now: the free-floating minds behind Dutch creative powerhouses HALAL and Sizzer joined forces under the “Wir Sind Die Holländer!“ moniker for a friendly takeover of Berlin as they bring a variation of their friends and family from the music, design, art and fashion industry to Germany's capital.

The next collab in line is realized with renowned skate/record store Independent Outlet, which introduces the outstanding photography of Mo Bodrane to the Berlin audience.

“In February of 1980 one the biggest riots ever to hit Amsterdam around the eviction of a squat in the vondelstraat. Many photographers captured the action with tanks rolling into the downtown area. He deceided to stay close to the rioting youngsters when they were just hanging out and about. Capturing the soul and showing their innocence.“
Check the details for tomorrow's event below. (Forty)

Images above/below: Mo Badrane / JUST ANOTHER DAY / AMSTERDAM 1980