100s, Ho-Ho's & Jazz Vibes

Here & today, on this historically gloomy day that sees the Giro 100 take off a tad further south, comes a mixed bag of things to wrap up a week that felt like mid-October or early March for some weird reason: Since we just bumped into bird flipper Ai Weiwei in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg the other day, we also wanted to share the amazing board edition he did for The Skateroom (still available! & see above) for the hilarious POTUS's first 100 days in office, and then crowd favorite THE CRITIC is now also available as a long-sleeve tee, plus Danny Way invented the 45-sec Ho-Ho, plus there's some good music coming up: This year's edition of Berlin's XJAZZ Festival has greats like Peter Broderick & Shalosh performing tomorrow night in Kreuzberg, for example. Have a good one! (rnk)