Getting back into the groove of a new work week can be tricky, but if you secretly plan to ditch that old routine and do things differently in the future, here's something for you: #thisfirst is Volcom's all-new "global initiative seeking the most inspired and dedicated applicants who will be offered an opportunity to ditch their day job and focus on the one thing they wish they could do full time." This way. #thisfirst.

What’s your ”this”? Your passion, that thing you wish you could do full time. This June, Volcom is searching the Earth to find 15 people who are ready to make their passion their paycheck.
Applying is easy; we've thrown out the traditional job application and replaced it with a one question, "What’s your ”this” and what would it mean to you to put #ThisFirst?”
Enter now for the chance to prioritize your passion by letting Volcom give you that extra push that will allow you to spend 6 weeks focusing on your ‘this’ while also getting paid.
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