Élégies at HVW8 Berlin

Another one coming up this week at Berlin's HVW8 Gallery: Élégies by our good pal Sebastian Haslauer. Known for his quirky humor, he's been busy painting larger works, and this new show, comprised of quickly produced collages and drawings, came together because he wanted to do something more spontaneous and loose, something that can be finished in a shorter amount of time...

"All I’m trying to do is survive
and make good out of the dirty,
nasty, unbelievable lifestyle
that they gave me.”
—Tupac Shakur

Our next exhibition shows a collection of drawings, collages and reinterpreted found objects by Berlin-based artist Sebastian Haslauer, created as a kind of stretching exercise during the lengthy marathon of painting. Poking through the visual garbage of the week, directing a cut-up of the daily, medial noise.

Opening: July 21, 2017, 7-10pm
Exhibition: July 22–August 26, 2017
Wed–Fri 2–7pm
Sat 12–6pm