Levis® Skateboarding presents the 501® Original

It's always been part of skateboarding - but now it's officially so: The classic Levi's 501 has been updated for the latest Levi's Skateboarding collection...

Levi’s® Skateboarding introduces the 501® original - the most iconic jean in the history of the world, introduced in 1873. Skateboarders have been skating in the 501® for more than forty years as is now an official part of the Levi’s® Skateboarding collection. Based on a 90’s 501® fit, it has been upgraded to withstand the demands of today’s skateboarding with Lycra® fiber and CORDURA® fiber.

To introduce the 501® Levi’s® Skateboarding partnered with Valentin Bauer, Edouard Depaz and Quentin Boillon to put it to the test on the streets of Paris.