Bright Diaries #10

The 10th issue of our popular BRIGHT DIARIES magazine - which include roundtable talks with Bobby Kim / Andy Mueller / Mike Ternosky; Keith Hufnagel / Nick Jensen / Jason Celaya; Stefan Clauss / Selim Jay / Shinsuke Gotoh - will be available at our tradeshow and selected stores next week.

(...) It’s rather unlikely, even in this ever-changing society that authentic brands emerge from the minds of advertising agencies – they mostly evolve by chance and organically grow by the sheer lack of any kind of elaborate marketing plan, fuelled by the urge to create something heartfelt and true, something that still reflects the DIY ethos and juvenile insurgence of former subcultures.

With its tenth issue, BRIGHT DIARIES is getting back to its very roots: THE BRAND ISSUE. Is there a common denominator regarding the current zeitgeist? Who tied up the loose ends streetwear pioneers left behind? And how much local colour is really necessary to leave your mark as a global player?

These topics and more have been examined via roundtable sessions we conducted with key-players from the different sections – streetwear, skateboarding, outdoor and urban – of our tradeshow portfolio. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we do. Take care, stay on the straight and narrow, and have the best of winters.