Cleptomanicx : Off. Magazine Release + Exhibition

Off. Magazine / Issue 01 / The Cleptomanicx Radar System // Magazine Release + Exhibition / 16. January 2018, 6 – 7pm / Booth E-15 at Bright Tradeshow

“Print is not… Yes, we are back with a fanzine. Full stop. At this years edition of Bright Tradeshow we are celebrating Issue 01 of our new Off. Magazine – The Cleptomanicx Radar System. Off. wants to present our vision of the future and is going to be a time capsule of days well spent.
The first issue presents the analogue photography of Friedjof Feye and a year of trips with our skate team. He is presenting a vision of the shape of skateboarding to come in the times of post everything. Next to free Off. issues there will be a selection of prints and a talk by Friedjof Feye about his work with Cleptomanicx. All presented by yours truly to take your mind off the daily grind.“