It’s much more than simply being and exhibition and fundraiser thing!
In the past half decade or so skateboarding has expanded and developed in very interesting ways; it’s a net cast wider and wider everyday, encouraging those with little or no experience with the culture to drop in and get involved. We’ve seen scenes pop up in the Middle-East thanks to skate-aid projects like SkatePAL and Skateistan, the female skate community blow-up due to the dedication and passion from women skaters the world over, and queer culture - which was near-nonexistent in skating - is now being pioneered by the likes of Sam McGuire, Brian Anderson and Lacey Baker.
Yet amid all the excitement, it’s crucial not to forget that skateboarding is still far from perfect. Skateboarding is still young. It can be naive. It can exclude. "It can also be powerful, political, beautiful and accepting. Skateboarding was always the place for outcasts, well now more than ever we must open our culture, and not make the same mistakes the West is in danger of making."

SKATEISM present “SKATE BORDERS”, an exhibition and fundraiser at BRIGHT ‘18. For two days their booth (No. E9) will be displaying the work of internationally renowned skate-artists, with pieces up for sale to you, the attendees of BRIGHT. For every piece sold, the artist donates a portion of the profits to Free Movement Skateboarding: the refugee outreach programme in Athens, Greece.

Sam McGuire / Lucas Beaufort / Liam Painter / Eloise Dorr / MOCH (Christos Simos) / Funeral French (Witchcraft Skateboards) / Ruby Mateja (Free Movement Skateboarding) / Alex Souetre (SOVRN Skateboards) / Ziv Lahat